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#34221: sw_vers hangs during a build
  Reporter:  richard.t.lloyd@…  |      Owner:  jeremyhu@…
      Type:  defect             |     Status:  closed
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 Component:  ports              |    Version:  2.0.4
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      Port:  gettext            |

Comment (by eirnym@…):

 Replying to [comment:75 jeremyhu@…]:
 > ein, you can make it such that only specific actions can be taken by
 specific users without a password.

 Jeremyhu, I'm Eir if you like to make my nickname shorter. :-)

 > Also, 'su' always forces you to use a password, so if you want to use a
 password, then use 'sudo' *without* one.  I fail to see how *that* is
 causing you a problem.  Just switch from using su to using sudo.

 I usually use `sudo su -`, because it asks my password, not roots'.  But
 anyway, I always set timeout to 0 because in other way sudo is big
 security hole.
 By the way, I prefer workflow from FreeBSD ports for user installs: it
 asks for root password or use sudo for.

 > Re your gettext/python comment, that does not provide new information.
 Nope, it does. It says that ./configure caches information about java and
 doesn't check it again later.
 > The issue is strictly with the use of su and some ruid euid issue
 "somewhere" in bootstrap-land ... please just use sudo.
 As I saw bug in myports sources several months ago when it sets
 And I'll want to find the way to fix this bug.

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