[MacPorts] #37196: molden dependency to gcc 4.7

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Mon Dec 3 15:08:09 PST 2012

#37196: molden dependency to gcc 4.7
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 Keywords:  gcc47       |       Port:  molden
 Could molden have a gcc47 dependency added (and made default, perhaps)?
 Many other scientific ports are moving up the compiler food chain, and it
 would be nice to have that option in molden.  Installing gcc45 just for
 molden is undesirable if gcc47 is already present.

 Also, (unrelated to gcc47), I had issues installing the +opengl variant on
 a fresh ML/macports recently (there was a libglut error).  I will make a
 ticket once I can paste a formal log, but someone looking at this ticket
 may be interested.  Thanks for reading!

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