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#37207: bad include paths?
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 I am a senior developer working for years in c/c++ on Linux and Windows;
 But I am a bit new to OSX. I started using macports to get libraries like
 boost and curl. I do not know if this is a OSX convention, Macports choice
 or the responsibility of the individual maintainer but the include paths
 are collapsed and that causes problems in their use. For example on most
 linux and windows pacakages the include path is
 .../boost_1_49/include/boost.  This allows you to put the path up to the
 boost_1_49 in the project and still follow a good practice of specifying
 an include subdir directory. ie #include <curl/curl.h> or #include
 <boost/thread/thread.h>.  This allows you to change the version of boost
 at the project level.
    By collapsing the path to /usr/local/boost and dumping all the headers
 directly at that level, all the C source code must change between OS's or
 the project must include /usr/local/include for the boost project. The
 side effect is now you also change the meaning of all other includes! For
 example #include <curl/curl.h> Is now sensitive to system path or include
    Is this a Mac,Macports, or maintainer convention? is there a work

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