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#28218: openjdk6 @b20 build error on ppc
  Reporter:  gkatze@…                     |      Owner:  landonf@…
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 Component:  ports                        |    Version:  1.9.2
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      Port:  openjdk6_bootstrap openjdk6  |

Comment (by landonf@…):

 Replying to [comment:6 dougmencken@…]:
 > > OpenJDK relies on a large amount of architecture and OS-specific code
 > Well, I heard about Zero VM and the dependencies for OpenJDK on OS X:
 X11, Mesa, Motif, for example.

 Yes, Zero VM can be used to produce a PPC port, but there is no upstream
 support for it. I provided some PPC binaries based on zero some time ago;
 getting this working again would be a sizable effort.

 > > OpenJDK 6 still does not support Mac OS X upstream, and OpenJDK does
 not support Mac/PPC at all.
 > So I should contact the upstream then?

 You're free to, but you're unlikely to find any significant interest
 unless you're ready to do the porting work, and even then, you'll have
 more luck with the BSD porting team than the Apple team, as the Mac OS X
 port (which is based on the BSD port) relies on features added in later OS
 X releases than are available for PPC.

 > What about other Java VM implementations on OS X? JamVM?
 > {{{
 > sh-3.2# port search jamvm
 > jamvm @1.5.0 (lang, java)
 >     compact Java 2 Virtual Machine
 > }}}
 > (Looks like Java 1.5)

 JamVM is not a compliant Java(TM) implementation, isn't based on OpenJDK,
 and you'll run into issues trying to run most complex Java software.

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