[MacPorts] #37223: numpy: update to github portgroup and add python33

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Thu Dec 6 11:35:22 PST 2012

#37223: numpy: update to github portgroup and add python33
  Reporter:  sean.michael.farley@…  |      Owner:  ram@…
      Type:  enhancement            |     Status:  new
  Priority:  Normal                 |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports                  |    Version:
Resolution:                         |   Keywords:  haspatch
      Port:  py-numpy               |

Comment (by ram@…):

 Thanks for the patches, I like the idea of moving over to the github
 portgroup as that should simplify things. I'll get this pushed.

 However I'm less certain about the second patch. The reason is that I
 don't really like the idea of ports installing beta versions, unless
 that's the idea of the port (i.e. a py-numpy-devel). There is also the
 issue of the current version comparison doesn't recognise beta or release
 candidate versions. So 1.7.0b2 is considered newer than 1.7.0, so when
 1.7.0 is released the port will need to have it's epoch bumped so this is
 recognised as an upgrade.

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