[MacPorts] #37289: wget: perl version 5.16.1 can't run /usr/bin/pod2man

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#37289: wget: perl version 5.16.1 can't run /usr/bin/pod2man
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 Yes, that would be the cause. Please restore /usr/bin/perl to the way it
 should be. You shouldn't change system files like /usr/bin/perl which
 could have consequences for the operating system; also your changes might
 be undone by future OS updates.

 Instead, install the perl5 port with the perl5_16 variant. ("sudo port
 install perl5 +perl5_16") This will give you the symlink
 /opt/local/bin/perl pointing to /opt/local/bin/perl5.16.

 Perl in MacPorts is somewhat unusual in this mechanism. The preferred
 mechanism these days is "port select", but perl in MacPorts predates that
 mechanism and [ticket:29763 has not been updated for it] yet.

 Some small number of ports might fail with perl symlinked to perl5.16 in
 this way. perl5.12 is still the default in MacPorts so most of us don't
 test with anything else. If you encounter such a problem just reactivate
 perl5+5_12 for the duration of the build.

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