[MacPorts] #37303: When installing Wine, terminal replies Error: Port wine not found

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#37303: When installing Wine, terminal replies Error: Port wine not found
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 Replying to [ticket:37303 felipeans_13@…]:
 > {{{
 > Warning: /opt/local/etc/macports/variants.conf specifies invalid variant
 syntax '?+universal?', ignored.
 > }}}

 Apparently you've put something strange in your variants.conf and should
 fix that. Note that the part where those instructions have you put
 +universal in your variants.conf has not been necessary for a long time.
 You can just leave your variants.conf blank and it'll work fine. MacPorts
 knows when ports need to be installed universal and will do so

 > {{{
 > Error: Port wine not found
 > }}}

 MacPorts thinks the wine port doesn't exist, but of course it does.
 Perhaps your ports tree is out of date or even missing. Try updating it by

 sudo port selfupdate

 Do this periodically to ensure you have the latest port definitions, then
 update any outdated ports by running:

 sudo port upgrade outdated

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