[MacPorts] #36910: Virtualbox @4.2.4 +vde2+vnc won't start VMs

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Fri Dec 14 13:34:46 PST 2012

#36910: Virtualbox @4.2.4 +vde2+vnc won't start VMs
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 Component:  ports         |    Version:  2.1.2
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Comment (by and.damore@…):

 '''Jeremy''': with all packages updated to HEAD, I uninstalled all of
 them, installed cctools-headers and ld64, switched the ld binary with my
 XC 4.5.1 provided ld that says
 /o/l/bin> /usr/bin/ld -v
 @(#)PROGRAM:ld  PROJECT:ld64-134.9
 configured to support archs: armv6 armv7 armv7s i386 x86_64
 LTO support using: LLVM version 3.1svn, from Apple Clang 4.1 (build
 and built cctools, apple-gcc42 and virtualbox in this order.

 The produced virtualbox port '''doesn't work''' giving the same error as
 this ticket's description reports.
 Unluckily I need to use vbox so for now I'm just reverting ld64 and lock
 it that way.

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