[MacPorts] #37311: CGAL 4.1 -- How do I set the "proper" CGAL_DIR environment variables?

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#37311: CGAL 4.1 -- How do I set the "proper" CGAL_DIR environment variables?
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 In the CGAL installation manual at the CGAL.org site it lists the
 following description for the environment variable CGAL_DIR

 Variables used only when building programs (such as demos or examples)

 Variable        Description     Type    Default value
 CGAL_DIR         Full-path to the binary directory where Cgal was
 configured     Either CMake or Environment    none

 If I had downloaded, configured, and compiled on my own (which I have done
 in the past, but much prefer Macports) I know where the CGAL folder is.
 However, with the Macports installation of CGAL I am not sure what the
 "proper" path to the binary directory "where CGAL was configured.  I would
 guess that it might be:

 CGAL_DIR = /opt/local/bin

 Also, there is not a CGAL folder in /Applications/Macports.  I notice that
 the Demos and Examples are installed in /opt/local/share/cgal.  Would it
 be better to have these in a CGAL folder, or others?

 I am trying to get CGAL to work properly with Scilab by using the Atoms
 Module called CGLAB.  I am noticing that the Scilab environment variables
 pertaining to the CGLAB are not setting up properly.   One such variable
 needed might be CGAL_DIR.

 Any help would be appreciated to better understand the environment to use
 CGAL via an application (Scilab.app), which is not running from Terminal
 but from the OSX.


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