[MacPorts] #37214: Maxima not playing well with SBCL 1.1.2

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#37214: Maxima not playing well with SBCL 1.1.2
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Comment (by mcq@…):

 Replying to [comment:3 easieste@…]:
 > Hmm.  I'll look into fixing Maxima.  It should certainly be possible to
 patch Maxima to dynamically compile and load its fasls if there is newer
 version of sbcl present.  Such a patch should be trivial if Maxima is
 using ASDF.

 There might be a miscommunication here. This ticket is reporting a new

 The problem of having to manually uninstall and reinstall maxima after
 sbcl update is an old problem. I believe it's reported in multiple tickets

 The new problem is that doing that (uninstalling and reinstalling maxima)
 no longer works. I was not using maxima for a few months, so I just
 encountered it today, with

     `sbcl @1.1.2_0 (active)`


     `maxima @5.28.0_1+xmaxima (active)`

 Unfortunately, I already deleted all my old versions so I'm not sure of
 the last time the uninstalling / reinstalling trick worked.

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