[MacPorts] #37339: OpenCV @2.4.3 +debug+eigen+opencl+openni+python27+universal fails to build

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#37339: OpenCV @2.4.3 +debug+eigen+opencl+openni+python27+universal fails to build
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Comment (by christian.frisson@…):

 I can confirm that OpenCV 2.4.3 won't build with OpenCL under Snow Leopard
 10.6.8, even not universal (just x86_64). But it does under Mountain Lion
 10.8.2 (with OpenCL, only x86.64).

 There's a clean reason: OpenCL support is provided by Apple on OSX, and
 Snow Leopard supports OpenCL 1.0:

 While OpenCV 2.4.3 requires OpenCL 1.1:

 Since it is brought by installing XCode and that Snow Leopard is limited
 to version 3.2.6... I fear it might be a dead end... unless you update to
 OSX 10.8 for instance.

 Depending on your GPU, you might want to try CUDA support in OpenCV.
 OpenCV 2.4.3 compiles against CUDA on my MBP 5,1 with nvidia 9400/9600GT
 GPUs, CUDA 4.2, OSX 10.6.8, x86_64. But again, for more recent CUDA
 drivers 5,  Snow Leopard is obsolete...

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