[MacPorts] #37347: x264 opportunistically links against ffmpeg

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#37347: x264 opportunistically links against ffmpeg
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Component:  ports   |    Version:  2.1.2
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 x264's ./configure script automatically picks up a number of libraries and
 links against them if present, but does not declare a dependency. In
 Detail, those are:

  - libswscale (./configure, line 811)
  - libavformat, libavcodec (./configure, line 827)
  - libz, libbz2 (./configure, line 833)

 The x264 Portfile should disable linking against these libraries (or
 enable linking against them explicitly and declare a dependency, which
 however doesn't seem to be a good idea seeing that most of those are
 provided by ffmpeg, which already has a x264 dependency):

 configure.args-append --disable-avs --disable-swscale --disable-lavf
 --disable-ffms --disable-gpac

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