[MacPorts] #37403: hs-pandoc-types 1.8 fails compiling Text.Pandoc.Builder

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Thu Dec 27 08:57:59 PST 2012

#37403: hs-pandoc-types 1.8 fails compiling Text.Pandoc.Builder
 Reporter:  andrea.franceschini@…  |      Owner:  macports-tickets@…
     Type:  defect                 |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Normal                 |  Milestone:
Component:  ports                  |    Version:  2.1.2
 Keywords:                         |       Port:  hs-pandoc-types
 Simple as that, here's the relevant log fragment

 :info:build [3 of 3] Compiling Text.Pandoc.Builder (
 Text/Pandoc/Builder.hs, dist/build/Text/Pandoc/Builder.o )
 :info:build Text/Pandoc/Builder.hs:153:10:
 :info:build     Illegal instance declaration for `IsString Inlines'
 :info:build       (All instance types must be of the form (T a1 ... an)
 :info:build        where a1 ... an are *distinct type variables*,
 :info:build        and each type variable appears at most once in the
 instance head.
 :info:build        Use -XFlexibleInstances if you want to disable this.)
 :info:build     In the instance declaration for `IsString Inlines'
 :info:build Command failed:  cd
 /pandoc-types-1.8" && runhaskell Setup build -v
 :info:build Exit code: 1

 full log will be attached.

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