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Sun Dec 30 01:27:57 PST 2012

#28806: New port: gle-graphics
  Reporter:  swinbank@…    |      Owner:  ryandesign@…
      Type:  submission    |     Status:  closed
  Priority:  Normal        |  Milestone:
 Component:  ports         |    Version:
Resolution:  fixed         |   Keywords:
      Port:  gle-graphics  |
Changes (by ryandesign@…):

 * status:  assigned => closed
 * resolution:   => fixed


 Committed in r100859 with these changes:

  * added standard modeline and made some whitespace adjustments
  * removed line "revision 1"; revisions should start at 0
  * indicated the port's license
  * [wiki:howto/AvoidRedirects rewrote master_sites to avoid redirects]
  * made a QGLE subport instead of a gui variant. Subports are a better
 model than variants for separately-installable components; they're easier
 for the user to install later and it also means our buildbot can build
 them. (The buildbot only builds default_variants.) Also, QGLE is under a
 different license than gle-graphics; the subport gives us a cleaner way to
 indicate this to the user.
  * added aqua category to QGLE subport
  * sorted dependencies and [ticket:14540 rewrote cairo dependency so that
 cairo-devel could satisfy it]
  * moved the patches out of the QGLE subport since they do no harm in the
 main port, and this will ensure that someone in the future updating the
 port who forgets to test the QGLE subport will not inadvertently cause its
 patches to become stale
  * rather than patching platform/script/install_qgle_mac to such an extent
 that it only copies the application, I just overrode the destroot phase in
 the QGLE subport and wrote the copy command there
  * added port:poppler library dependency and --with-poppler configure arg
 since poppler gets used anyway if it's already installed
  * added port:pkgconfig build dependency because without it poppler and
 cairo do not get found
  * added --with-libgle=yes configure arg so that libgle-
 graphics-4.2.4c.dylib is always installed, not just when building the GUI
  * added a patch to fix the install_name of libgle-graphics-4.2.4c.dylib
  * in QGLE's About box, the License tab said "File not found:
 '/opt/local/share/doc/gle-graphics/LICENSE.txt'". It looks like adding
 "doc" to build.target would install that and README.txt, but would also
 install the documentation pdf, and while that would be nice, it needs
 various LaTeX dependencies to build it first. So I just
 [wiki:PortfileRecipes#doc manually installed the text files]. We can think
 about adding a documentation subport later.
  * fixed livecheck
  * disabled universal variant because it doesn't work; I filed #37441
 about that

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