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#37465: ImageSnap @0.2.5 PowerPC not supported
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 Difficult for me to test; my PowerPC machines don't have video cameras.

 Either the developer had a good reason for specifying that the only
 supported archs are i386 x86_64, or this is specified inadvertently,
 perhaps because it was in a template that the developer based his project
 on. You could "sudo port clean ImageSnap" and "sudo port extract
 ImageSnap" and then edit ImageSnap.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj (within the
 directory identified by the command "port work ImageSnap") to remove the
 VALID_ARCHS lines (and let the default—all architectures are valid—take
 effect), and "sudo port install ImageSnap" and see if it builds and works.
 Please let me know either way.

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