[MacPorts] #39438: openmpi @1.7.1 +threads +gcc47 creates code that hangs

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Wed Jun 19 13:06:52 PDT 2013

#39438: openmpi @1.7.1 +threads +gcc47 creates code that hangs
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Comment (by hans.ekkehard.plesser@…):

 With some help from the OpenMPI User Mailing list (thanks to Ralph Castain
 and Elias Rudberg!) I found out that several additional `configure`
 switches are needed for the `threads` variant. In all, one needs
 --enable-event-thread-support --enable-opal-multi-threads --enable-orte-
 progress-threads --enable-mpi-thread-multiple
 I'll attach a patch. for this change.

 One additional note: the `--en/disable-mpi-f77/90` configure flags have
 disappeared in 1.7.1. I have not checked this in detail, but there is a
 switch `--enable-mpi-fortran` now, which may be  a replacement.

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