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#47189: submission: audacity
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Comment (by rjvbertin@…):

 Replying to [comment:19 mojca@…]:

 > {{{
 > -inline void ifft8pt(float *ioptr, float scale);
 > -inline void ifft8pt(float *ioptr, float scale){
 > +static inline void ifft8pt(float *ioptr, float scale);
 > +static inline void ifft8pt(float *ioptr, float scale){

 That's part of the patches. In my original port I had simply removed the
 inline keyword, the Debian patches include the one you found too. Weird.
 Did you perhaps use the merged Portfile (with a patchfile dropped during
 the merge)?

 As to Python: checking on Linux showed that it must be a 2.7 version. I
 ran 2to3 on the waflib directory, which completed without failures as far
 as I could tell, but the resulting code raised errors. Python is only used
 for building anyway.

 I also get the assertion dialogs. Somehow Audacity thinks it's been built
 as a debug build. Maybe something the Debian patches arrange for. Anyway,
 I should have mentioned that as another reason why I don't want to spend
 time getting this to work "just right"

 Making an app bundle shouldn't be too hard. IIRC wx even has a script to
 do that, but if that fails it's not a big deal to create one in the post-
 destroot. Or with the app PortGroup (I presume its documentation is

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