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Wed Apr 8 13:59:01 PDT 2015

#47384: hs-missingh: build fails
 Reporter:  aronnax@…  |      Owner:  cal@…
     Type:  defect     |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Normal     |  Milestone:
Component:  ports      |    Version:  2.3.3
 Keywords:             |       Port:  hs-missingh
 Sorry, I don't know any haskell at all. The relevant part of the log file
 (attached) seems to be:

 :info:build Component build order: library
 :info:build creating dist/build
 :info:build creating dist/build/autogen
 :info:build Building MissingH-
 :info:build Preprocessing library MissingH-
 :info:build Building library...
 :info:build /opt/local/bin/ghc --info
 :info:build /opt/local/bin/ghc --info
 :info:build creating dist/build
 :info:build /opt/local/bin/ghc --make -fbuilding-cabal-package -O -static
 -dynamic-too -dynosuf dyn_o -dynhisuf dyn_hi -outputdir dist/build -odir
 dist/build -hidir dist/build -stubdir dist/build -i -idist/build -isrc
 -idist/build/autogen -Idist/build/autogen -Idist/build -optP-include
 -optPdist/build/autogen/cabal_macros.h -package-name MissingH-
 -hide-all-packages -no-user-package-db -package-db
 dist/package.conf.inplace -package-id
 HUnit- -package-id
 array- -package-id
 base- -package-id
 containers- -package-id
 directory- -package-id
 filepath- -package-id
 hslogger-1.2.1-b00af7219bff52fcc1d03b748b21b4e6 -package-id
 mtl- -package-id
 network- -package-id old-
 locale- -package-id old-
 time- -package-id
 parsec-3.1.5-7f68e462a44d5c23f85ca591fdbef7e5 -package-id
 process- -package-id
 random- -package-id regex-
 compat-0.95.1-8788bbd7c1919ab7ed5bf0201a773ef6 -package-id
 time-1.4.2-bf925e935c287d0b75398fe297453c28 -package-id
 unix- -XHaskell98
 -XExistentialQuantification -XOverlappingInstances -XUndecidableInstances
 -XCPP -XRank2Types -XMultiParamTypeClasses -XFlexibleInstances
 -XFlexibleContexts -XScopedTypeVariables Data.String.Utils System.IO.Utils
 System.IO.Binary Data.List.Utils System.Daemon
 Text.ParserCombinators.Parsec.Utils Network.Email.Mailbox
 Control.Concurrent.Thread.Utils Network.Email.Sendmail Data.CSV
 System.Cmd.Utils Data.BinPacking Data.Progress.Tracker Data.Progress.Meter
 Data.Quantity Data.Map.Utils System.Path System.Path.NameManip
 System.Path.WildMatch System.Path.Glob System.Time.Utils
 System.Time.ParseDate Network.Utils Network.SocketServer Data.Either.Utils
 Data.Maybe.Utils Data.Tuple.Utils Data.Bits.Utils Data.Hash.CRC32.Posix
 Data.Hash.CRC32.GZip Data.Hash.MD5 Data.Hash.MD5.Zord64_HARD
 Data.Compression.Inflate System.FileArchive.GZip System.IO.HVFS
 System.IO.HVFS.Combinators System.IO.HVFS.InstanceHelpers
 System.IO.HVFS.Utils System.IO.HVIO System.IO.StatCompat
 System.IO.WindowsCompat System.IO.PlafCompat System.Posix.Consts
 System.Debian System.Debian.ControlParser Data.MIME.Types
 :info:build [26 of 47] Compiling System.Cmd.Utils (
 src/System/Cmd/Utils.hs, dist/build/System/Cmd/Utils.o )
 :info:build src/System/Cmd/Utils.hs:328:23:
 :info:build     Constructor ‘Terminated’ should have 2 arguments, but has
 been given 1
 :info:build     In the pattern: Terminated sig
 :info:build     In the pattern: Just (Terminated sig)
 :info:build     In a case alternative:
 :info:build         Just (Terminated sig)
 :info:build           -> warnfail fp args $ "Terminated by signal " ++
 show sig
 :info:build src/System/Cmd/Utils.hs:354:13:
 :info:build     Constructor ‘Terminated’ should have 2 arguments, but has
 been given 1
 :info:build     In the pattern: Terminated s
 :info:build     In a case alternative:
 :info:build         Terminated s -> cmdsignalled "safeSystem" command args
 :info:build     In a stmt of a 'do' block:
 :info:build       case ec of {
 :info:build         Exited ExitSuccess -> return ()
 :info:build         Exited (ExitFailure fc) -> cmdfailed "safeSystem"
 command args fc
 :info:build         Terminated s -> cmdsignalled "safeSystem" command args
 :info:build         Stopped s -> cmdsignalled "safeSystem" command args s

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