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#45621: unison @2.40.102_2 crashes
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Comment (by geezel@…):

 Replying to [comment:10 me@…]:
 > Replying to [comment:9 geezel@…]:
 > > I also went through all the exercises described in this ticket. The
 situation of the unison port is very unsatisfactory.
 > > As a temporary fix I created a local ports tree to compile unison
 2.48.3 against ocaml 4.01, but I'd like to see this fixed in the official
 > >
 > Did my script from [comment:8 comment 8] not work for you?  I hoped it
 would be easier than creating a local ports tree, I may want to improve it
 if it's not.  http://pastebin.com/1F9AA92p

 I have to correct myself: I went through *most* of the exercises described
 in this ticket.
 In fact I did my attempts to compile various unison versions around the
 same time as you.
 I remember that your [comment:8 comment 8] appeared on this thread only a
 few days
 after I had everything in place on my machine, including a local ports
 tree, so there
 was and is currently no need for me to try your script. But thanks anyway

 When I went through all this I also ran into another issue, see here:
 [ticket:47374 ticket:47374].
 Of course I initially thought this was another side effect of the known
 ocaml issues. But after
 several unsuccesful attempts to get unison 2.40.102 up and running, I went
 for 2.48.3. I was
 just lucky that an upgrade of my NAS4free box included an upgrade to
 unison 2.48.3.
 (You cannot easily upgrade individual packages on the NAS4free embedded

 So, currently all my machines are on version 2.48.3, which still exhibits
 the freezes described
 in [ticket:47374 ticket:47374].

 My  [comment:9 comment 9] was just to emphasize once again that this
 should be fixed in the
 tree. Of course workarounds are nice to have, but it gets tedious as soon
 as you have to apply
 these on more than 2 machines.

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