[MacPorts] #47426: Add OpenCoarrays dependency for gcc5

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#47426: Add OpenCoarrays dependency for gcc5
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 Keywords:  gcc fortran  |       Port:  gcc5
 As of GCC 5, compiling with gfortran requires the OpenCoarrays library
 (www.opencoarrays.org) in order to produce parallel executables from
 programs that use the coarray  features of Fortran 2008.  OpenCoarrays
 produces two versions of its library: one that uses the Message Passing
 Interface (MPI) and one that uses the GASNet communication library.  the
 MPI library (libcaf_mpi.a) is intended to be the default.  Could you
 please add the OpenCoarrays MPI library as a dependency for GCC 5?

 I am part of the OpenCoarrays team and would be glad to assist with this
 in any way I can.


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