[MacPorts] #47443: Reducing the dependencies of ImageMagick (djvulibre)

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Tue Apr 14 13:13:04 PDT 2015

#47443: Reducing the dependencies of ImageMagick (djvulibre)
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Component:  ports         |    Version:  2.3.3
 Keywords:                |       Port:  ImageMagick
 Currently, the ImageMagick port is unconditionally depending on the
 "djvulibre" port, bringing in 160 (!) indirect dependencies, including:
 * dbus, and its Launch Agent
 * gtk3
 * cairo
 * python27
 * sqlite3
 * docbook-xml
 * ...

 As a quick experiment, I removed djvulibre from the list of dependencies,
 and I could build ImageMagick and use "convert" successfully. I suggest to
 remove "djvulibre" as hard dependency and/or create a specific variant if
 it has added value for some users.

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