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#47449: Symptoms and the uterus is preserved
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 Symptoms and the uterus is preserved so women retain that structure that
 may be important to them for their sense of '''Black Diamond Skin Serum'''
 being a woman the disadvantage is that new fibroid can grow a woman who
 has developed fibroid wines over the next five or ten years stands good
 chance of growing new ones not the ones that were taken out come back but
 new ones developed and unfortunately we don't have a way that from
 happening now the new fibroid may not cause symptoms that you wouldn't
 need treatment but it's estimated that within five years of having the
 about ten percent of women have additional fibroid treatment so that may
 require additional treatment in the future it's major surgery especially
 when it's done abdominal lane the hiss roster p the one that goes in
 through the cervix and into the uterus is in outpatient procedure people
 are back on their feet within away or two so if someone has a fibroid.

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