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#47451: Uterus for as long as they can and that's
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 Uterus for as long as they can and that's just a personal preference again
 it's a major surgery there are certainly any woman who wants to get
 pregnant shouldn’t consider this and it there it is evidence that there a
 higher '''Black Diamond Skin Serum''' rates of incontinence and public
 relax action in the future ten twenty thirty years in the future among
 women who have had hysterectomies compared to women who have not so now we
 will talk about two of the new word procedures for fibroid and then do a
 bit of a comparison up at the end uterine artery was talking about
 nineteen ninety five on wheat thin offering it that you about nineteen
 ninety eight antonym Pierre is that fibroid like all tissue need blood
 supply to bring in oxygen and nutrients and so if you could cut off the
 blood supply to the fibroid they would shrink down so this is a procedure
 that intentionally block stop artery that feeds the uterus that's why

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