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#47454: Can see quite squished again
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 Can see quite squished again here's our normal uterus right here and then
 overtime this fibroid is getting smaller now it no '''Black Diamond Skin
 Serum''' longer fills with the contrast material so it appears dark we see
 more of her uterus appearing these images are bigger than that one and
 then make it smaller and smaller scale and we can see much more bladder
 capacity to expand now that there is a heavy fibroid right-on time so an
 illustration of how the fibroid shrank over the course of a year
 following-turn artery about ninety percent of women have improvement in
 their fibroid symptoms whether they have heavy bleeding or symptoms
 related to the pressure odor that bladder dysfunction from the bulking as
 for the fine points now the last treatment to discuss is the new western
 probably the least really well known about and the least scientific
 information about so from physician standpoint there really isn't good
 d-day yet on this on this.

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