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#47456: Are performed over the course
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 Are performed over the course of a few hours and this is what it looks
 like here's angry whiz dot dash line showing where the fibroid and then
 imagine that there were called these little grain of rice size burdens to
 the '''Black Diamond Skin Serum''' inside of the fibroid and then this is
 a map of the fibroid that area that had been targeted so in this case
 justice center of the fibroid was burned and then if you give a contrast
 material to show where blood supply still can go in the fibroid you see
 that in the middle now blood supply disusing reached that area so you deep
 idolized that inner part of the fibroid so this is an have at approved
 technique uh... forward time the fad has allowed for more of the fibroid
 volume to be treated at first I said ball there might be some heat that
 goes through then your body muscles are bowel or mirrors so you can just
 read the inner part but now with more experience more of the fibroid tree
 more the fibroid can be treated and said that.

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