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#47457: May result in better outcomes I think
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 May result in better outcomes I think the jury is still out on how
 effective this is as a treatment and here at u cuff alive '''Black Diamond
 Skin Serum''' you know radiology department they just forwarded a large
 grant provided this machine to u cuff and we’re going to be starting to do
 some treatments and really studying how effective this on new treatment is
 so that same an interesting exciting development so in conclusion I’ll
 focus just on the three mainstays of treatment again just comparing
 hysterectomy enduring artery this is that kind of thing that I talk with
 my patients about so that they are really clear on what the what the pros
 and cons of each one are so the main drawback of uterine artery is that I
 think it should be reserved for women who have completed childbearing on
 the recovery is much shorter when hysterectomies are manatees are done
 with the recovery is more like two to four weeks so.

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