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#47453: spam
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Old description:

> Artery ending right there and on the other side right there so this is a
> big fibroid way more blood vessel growth then is usually seen then after
> the particles are injected it forms a plugs of that blood cannot go
> forward into '''Black Diamond Skin Serum''' that uterus anymore so it's
> quite dramatic now along with that there's some pain I mean just like in
> a heart attack people and chest pain cutting off the blood and oxygen to
> the uterus results in some pain these patients typically stay one night
> in the hospital for pain medication and then our out of work for about
> ten days sometimes two weeks taking pain medicine been taking things like
> idea profane posse there's some doubt it's a faster recovery than having
> a major operation but it is not completely inconsequential here's another
> illustration an mri of the fibroid before the operation before the un he
> says this big highly perused fibroid that's why it's a white here's her
> bladder there's some contrast material down there you.
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> http://www.dermascoopsite.com/black-diamond-skin-serum/

New description:



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