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#47455: spam
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Old description:

> Device it's called magnetic residents guided so guided focused no and
> here is that patient inside the big magnet have an '''Black Diamond Skin
> Serum''' mire scanner she's lying under stomach and here's the
> radiologist in their console and they're looking at her fibroid images
> anal mire machine and then what happens is coming up through a plate that
> she’s lying on are offers sound waves now alike the officer was used for
> diagnosing fibroid these sound waves are focused they come in at an angle
> and focus in one point uh... in any area about the size of a grain office
> and where all these sound waves comes together creates a great deal of
> heat so where they're coming through and they are not yet focused into a
> point that is not hot that can go to read through her skin without
> burning the skin or that tissues between this came in the fibroid but
> then it can specific area within the fibroid so she's lying on her
> abdomen and these multiple sonic Asians.
> Black Diamond Skin Serum - 100% Free Trial Only Here |
> http://www.dermascoopsite.com/black-diamond-skin-serum/

New description:



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