[MacPorts] #47466: qt4: improved support for less common font weights

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Wed Apr 15 14:06:08 PDT 2015

#47466: qt4: improved support for less common font weights
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 I may not be the only one who noticed that Qt has only partial support for
 font weights that do not correspond to the standard duo Normal, Bold. The
 font selection itself works well enough, but the information shown about
 the font or the preselection when reopening the font dialog may be off.
 For instance, Medium or Semi Bold can become Bold, or my favourite:
 Novarese Medium got turned into Novarese Book Italic.

 Attached is a patch that addresses most if not (hopefully) all these
 issues. It applies to Qt 4.8.6 and will become part of my port:qt4-mac-

 (A forward-ported version for Qt 5.4 is planned.)

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