[MacPorts] #47503: mksh @R50e_0: update to R50f

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Sun Apr 19 16:39:50 PDT 2015

#47503: mksh @R50e_0: update to R50f
 Reporter:  mschamschula@…       |      Owner:  macports-tickets@…
     Type:  update               |     Status:  new
 Priority:  Normal               |  Milestone:
Component:  ports                |    Version:  2.3.3
 Keywords:  haspatch maintainer  |       Port:  mksh
 mksh has been updated to version R50f. New this version:
 [tg] Add a patch marker for vendor patch versioning to mksh.1
 [tg] SECURITY: make unset HISTFILE actually work
 [tg] Document some more issues with the current history code
 [tg] Remove some unused code
 [tg] RCSID-only sync with OpenBSD, for bogus and irrelevant changes
 [tg] Also disable field splitting for alias 'local=\typeset'
 [tg] Fix read -n-1 to not be identical to read -N-1
 [tg] Several fixes and improvements to lksh(1) and mksh(1) manpages
 [tg] More code (int → size_t), comment and testsuite fixes
 [tg] Make dot.mkshrc more robust (LP#1441853)
 [tg] Fix issues with IFS='\' read, found by edualbus
 [enh, tg] Fix integer overflows related to file descriptor parsing, found
 by Pawel Wylecial (LP#1440685); reduce memory usage for I/O redirs
 [tg] Document in the manpage how to set ±U according to the current locale
 settings via LANG/LC_* parameters (cf. Debian #782225)
 [igli, tg] Some code cleanup and restructuring
 [tg, oksh] Handle number parsing and storing more carefully

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