[MacPorts] #47560: meld: version bump to @3.12.3 (Portfile attached)

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Fri Apr 24 10:51:37 PDT 2015

#47560: meld: version bump to @3.12.3 (Portfile attached)
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 Keywords:             |       Port:  meld
 Stable version of Meld is v3.12.3, but current port is v1.8.6.

 The attached Portfile for v3.12.3 is the result of trial and error.
 Someone more competent than myself needs to review it.

 Also, without a GTK3 icon set most of the icons are the generic missing
 icon image.  I solved that by installing adwaita-icon-theme (as a
 dependency of gnome-themes-standard). I don't like the idea of forcing a
 specific theme.  What's the best way to resolve the missing icons?

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