[MacPorts] #47562: MacPorts - nano - lost compiler option --enable-nanorc

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Fri Apr 24 14:14:19 PDT 2015

#47562: MacPorts - nano - lost compiler option --enable-nanorc
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Component:  ports        |    Version:  2.3.3
 Keywords:  nano nanorc  |       Port:  nano
 I've found that port for nano has no compiler option "--enable-nanorc".
 The problem is that nano can't use it's configuration files /etc/nanorc
 and ~/.nanorc without this option.

 The funny thing is that port contains note "A sample configuration file is
 available at /opt/local/share/doc/nano/nanorc.sample." - but it useless as
 long as nano compiled without nanorc support.

 Please add --enable-nanorc to port's configure.args or create additional
 variant for port with nanorc support. Thanks.

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