[MacPorts] #47578: mkvtoolnix: upgrade to 7.8.0

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Mon Apr 27 12:58:06 PDT 2015

#47578: mkvtoolnix: upgrade to 7.8.0
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 I'm attaching a patch for upgrading `mkvtoolnix` to 7.8.0. I would
 appreciate if someone on 10.9 or later could test it. (We should probably
 replace the ruby patches with some `reinplace`.)

 I wasn't even able to build it with gcc because of
 In file included from src/common/utf8_codecvt_facet.cpp:22:0:
 error: 'int mtx::utf8_codecvt_facet::do_length' is not a static member of
 'struct mtx::utf8_codecvt_facet'
      BOOST_CODECVT_DO_LENGTH_CONST std::mbstate_t &,
 compilation terminated due to -Wfatal-errors.
 I'll try a `libc++` MP installation next.

 Please also see #40231. It's not entirely clear to me what's still needed
 to close that ticket (migrating `libstdc++` users to `libc++` or building
 against a different instance of `boost` and `icu` is a different issue
 from fixing `clang` build issues per se).

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