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Wed Apr 29 01:01:25 PDT 2015

#47595: mlt: add universal variant
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 Keywords:                |       Port:  mlt
 A universal variant should be added to the mlt port. The reason given in
 the port for why it is disabled is:

 # frei0r-plugins is not universal
 universal_variant   no

 This is no longer correct; frei0r-plugins does have a universal variant

 Just removing these lines is not enough because mlt is not currently using
 `-arch` flags, which it should be doing anyway, even for non-universal

 Just adding `-arch` flags to `CFLAGS` and `LDFLAGS` isn't enough either,
 because then the universal build fails, saying:

 cannot use 'dependencies' output with multiple -arch options

 To work around that we may need to use the muniversal portgroup.

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