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#46730: new port: pavucontrol
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 This is a submission for pavucontrol, a GTk2/3 based control panel for
 port:pulseaudio. It allows to set volume and default/fall-back in- and
 output devices.

 It works on OS X, but only as far as pulseaudio works itself. Normally
 pavucontrol would allow to change the output device on a running stream,
 but this gives errors on the pulseaudio terminal (see below).
 port:pulseaudio also attributes new names to the present sound devices on
 my system, with a default fallback to the built-in speakers. With
 pavucontrol I can select another fallback device, which then becomes the
 system default - as long as pulseaudio runs.port

 In addition, pulseaudio only works for me when I launch it as `pulseaudio
 -v -C` from a terminal.

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