[MacPorts] #46748: update to port:vlc (Portfile, patches)

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Tue Feb 3 13:47:11 PST 2015

#46748: update to port:vlc (Portfile, patches)
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Component:  ports        |    Version:  2.3.3
 Keywords:  haspatch     |       Port:  vlc
 I've addressed several small issues with port:vlc

 - moved an unnecessary dependency on port:pulseaudio to a variant (should
 maybe be a required variant for +x11?)
 - re-enabled building of the Qt4 UI plugin (which remains unstable)
 - removed a left-over reference to the Sparkle SUUpdater class from
 - added some configure options that are also set by VideoLAN's own build
 scripts for OS X

 I have left the +jack variant for now, but that one probably really
 requires a much more recent jack version. When I enabled the variant, I
 could no longer switch between the available audio playback devices (and
 the "system default device" had disappeared).

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