[MacPorts] #41193: Atlas could not detect any fortran compiler

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#41193: Atlas could not detect any fortran compiler
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Comment (by laurent.pagani@…):

 Replying to [comment:6 sean@…]:
 > Then please tell Intel to provide an open source version of their
 fortran compiler. By design, MacPorts won't use things outside MacPorts
 itself and the system provided by Apple. This is to guarantee
 reproducibility and reduce a maintainer's burden. If you want ATLAS to be
 compiled with ifort, then you'll have to do it yourself (or with a custom

 OK I understand. But I have installed g95 with MacPorts and it did not
 help either (the only fortran compiler I identified, did not see gfortran
 in the "port search fortran" list.)
 > Side note: why are you compiling ATLAS if you have ifort? Aren't you
 supposed to be using Intel's MKL?

 Because I am trying to compile a third-party code which wants ATLAS and
 FFTW to proceed.

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