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#46785: Port request: git-fs
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Comment (by keybounce@…):


 The install instructions are ...

 sudo aptitude install omake libfuse-dev camlidl libpcre-ocaml-dev
 libbatteries-ocaml-dev  # Debian
 sudo pacman -S omake ocamlfuse-cvs pcre-ocaml ocaml-batteries  # Arch
 sudo yum install fuse-devel ocaml-pcre-devel ocaml-findlib-devel ocaml-
 camomile ocaml-camlidl ocaml-bisect ocaml-ounit ocaml-ocamldoc  # Fedora

 But no install instructions for Mac.

 (A package manager named "pacman"? And another named "yum"?)
 (Did that format better?)

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