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Fri Feb 6 13:48:45 PST 2015

#46749: mod_perl2:  add variants +perl5_18 +perl5_20
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Comment (by devans@…):

 Replying to [comment:7 mojca@…]:
 > Replying to [comment:6 devans@…]:
 > > Replying to [comment:3 mojca@…]:
 > >
 > > > Also, we should start the transition to switch the default Perl. I
 don't consider the few remaining modules that miss support for 5.20 to be
 > >
 > > This is OT for this ticket but I think we need to stabilize at the
 perl5.16 level before trying to move on.
 > What do you mean by stabilize?

 I mean, that the there are issues with the current state of the perl ports
 that I would like to see addressed
 before moving on.  I listed a few.
 > > Some issues remaining:
 > >
 > >   * fix issues that restrict some ports to perl5.16 such as this one
 > But this one is not a case where the port wouldn't work with 5.20.
 I don't believe this has been proven.  I'm still testing.
 > >   * remove 5.8-5.14 support/variants in perl5
 > >   * remove perl5.8 through perl5.14, now largely useless without
 extension module support.
 > Removing perl5.8-5.14 can be done quickly and independent of everything
 else. And it's not really a showstopper in any way. (Even if those four
 ports would remain, it's not really a problem.) We just need to make sure
 that removing support for variants 5.8-5.14 won't break the graveyard

 So why not do it before moving on?  No need to leave old issues open.

 > > Perhaps a good point to switch would be when 5.22 is released. Is
 there a target release date?
 > Are you suggesting a switch to 5.20 or 5.22?

 Again for stability (perl known to work well), I would switch the default
 from 5.16 to 5.20 when perl 5.22 is released.
 People who want to work with the latest and greatest can use 5.22 if they
 want. Then I would move the default version
 one step at a time as each new stable version is released.

 If you want to discuss this further, please continue the discussion on
 macport-devel list.  The issue of switching
 default versions of perl, while a valid issue, is off topic with respect
 to this ticket.  Lets not confuse the issue
 at hand.


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