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#46803: spam
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Old description:

> Some people drink plenty of water during the meal can provoke a dilution
> of gastric acid and therefore slower and heavier digestion  The fruit
> after eating fattening on The fruit has the same calories whether you eat
> before or as if taken after food  To keep my weight what I can eat a lot
> at noon and only fruit for dinner The fruit provides minerals vitamins
> and fiber [http://dietasrevisao.com/ Gojipro] but also provides simple
> sugars which are absorbed by the body very quickly and enter the blood
> causing a sharp rise in sugar In order to maintain proper blood sugar
> levels the body converts sugar into fat and transported to adipose tissue
> where it is stored So if you want to offset the heavy meal at lunch is a
> mistake only eats several pieces of fruit for dinner.
> For more information, visit this site >>>>>>> http://dietasrevisao.com/

New description:



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