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#46493: Update: cmake 3.1.0
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Comment (by michaelld@…):

 Your friends here are "svn status" followed by "svn revert". If you do:
 cd `port dir cmake`
 svn status
 this will list the files that have been modified (M), added (A), or are
 not recognized (?) by svn as part of the repo.

 For those files modified or added (e.g., "Portfile"), you would do:
 svn revert Portfile
 to revert it to the latest repo version; repeat for all such files (but,
 hopefully obviously, changing the name to the actual filename, not
 repeating "Portfile" for each file).

 Once "svn status" comes back with just "?"s, or nothing at all, then apply
 the last patch attached here (currently "cmake_3.1.2.diff​"). Let's assume
 you download the patch as "~/Downloads/cmake_3.1.2.diff"; then you would
 patch -p0 < ~/Downloads/cmake_3.1.2.diff
 but, hopefully obviously, use the actual patch file path and name.


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