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#44816: [update] yara 1.4.7 to 1.4.7/3.1.0/devel
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Comment (by a.schuster@…):

 Sorry for the wait - attached is the update to the lastest version of
 YARA, v 3.3.0.

 This update adds variants to enable the new plugins/modules of YARA:
 cuckoo, hash, magic, and math. Note, the modules pe and elf are always
 enabled, as per the YARA source.

 Also, this update finally adds the python bindings as a subport. The
 unified python PortGroup did not work in that context as I expected. I
 tried to resemble its behaviour as closely as possible, though. The port
 will now run the test case that comes with the source distribution.

 Another option to install the python bindings would be to provide a
 separate Portfile, as jul_bsd has proposed. This clearly would ease the
 task of creating the Portfile, because the python PortGroup and all its
 magic would be available. On the other hand, this would require
 maintenance of two Portfiles, that both source the same distfile. As I am
 still learning how to handle Portfiles and don't have commit privileges,
 maintaing a single file seems the easier and more stable approach to me.
 Thus no desync'ed versions of library and bindings can exist in the port

 I'm attaching the diff and for clarity also the complete Portfile.

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