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#46840: new port submission: xcdroast
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 Remember this one? Back when I first came back to "new world Macs", very
 early 2004, I found this application and used it a lot for creating CDs
 (backups, copies of audio CDs for personal use, etc). I stopped using it
 when I got a copy of Toast with an external burner, which I kept using
 until recently.

 Fast forward to now: my copy of Toast is a PPC app, so saying goodbye to
 10.6.8 also meant saying goodbye to Toast. I've been looking at free disk
 burning apps since a few days now, and *finally* remembered the name,

 It's evolved over a single alpha point release (15 to 16), not unlikely
 due to other applications like K3b (which requires a lot of work to get to
 work on OS X). Xcdroast is just a GUI shell for the cdrtools.

 A few patches in addition to those available on the xdroast website, and
 lo and behold, it mostly seems to work! Apart from the fact of course that
 autodiskmount is no longer used and another trick thus has to be found to
 prevent the Finder from auto-mounting opticals.

 Is there?

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