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#46775: tmux hangs on Yosemite
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Comment (by jeremyhu@…):

 This makes no sense.  The only point of our setting `__DARWIN_VERS_1050=0`
 is to force pre-Leopard behavior for daemon(3) when running on Yosemite,
 so that daemon(3) won't cause tmux to leave the aqua session (which is
 what causes pbpaste, etc to no longer work as you expect).  This is only
 needed on Yosemite in order to work around a Yosemite regression.  It
 would make absolutely no sense to just do `__DARWIN_VERS_1050=0` pre-
 Yosemite since the only place it is needed is on Yosemite.

 That being said, the regression is fixed in 10.10.2, so we could remove

 To clarify a bit of your misunderstanding, what you are observing in step
 4 and step 5 is that the user's aqua session bootstrap port is being
 destroyed on user logout, so tmux (and its children) no longer have a
 valid bootstrap port at that point.

 The main problem is that tmux isn't properly layered.  It wants to be in
 the user session but have access to services in the aqua session subset.

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