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#46743: vcs_blackbox @1.20150203 New contribution
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Comment (by mojca@…):

 These lines use a slightly "unnatural" approach:
 use_configure       no
 build               {}

 destroot {
   system "cd ${worksrcpath} && make packages-macports

 It would make slightly more sense to adapt variables, for example change
 `destroot.target` to `packages-macports` and `destroot.destdir` to
 `DESTDIR=${destroot}/${prefix}"` and let MacPorts work out the rest of the

 Just curious: in what respect is MacPorts special, so that you need a
 special target in `Makefile` to handle MacPorts? Why doesn't `make install
 DESTDIR=${destroot}[/${prefix}]` work?

 Related to the comments in your Portfile. Try to delete (or comment out)
 the line with checksums and run
 port -v extract vcs_blackbox
 This will give you the checksums you need without additional effort. It's
 a good practice to include both `rmd160` and `sha256`.

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