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#46743: vcs_blackbox @1.20150203 New contribution
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Comment (by mojca@…):

 A few more comments. There is a command
 port -v livecheck
 (if you are in `vcs_blackbox` already, there's no need to provide the port
 name, else add `vcs_blackbox` at the end of that command) that will tell
 you if there is a newer version available. There is no need for "1. Find
 tag name on github."

 I already told you how to update the checksums: just delete the lines and
 port -v extract

 I changed many aspects of the port to make use of the `github`
 `PortGroup`, so there is no need for extra settings. If you want the
 latest version, just replace
 1.20150203 v
 with the checksum of the commit or a tag or whatever. (Just note that
 you'll probably need to set the version separately if you use something
 like "stable".) The letter "v" is just to prepend something in front of
 the version to make a tag.

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