[MacPorts] #46890: vtk @6.1.0 build fails on G4, Leopard

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Tue Feb 17 14:34:24 PST 2015

#46890: vtk @6.1.0 build fails on G4, Leopard
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 The log file is attached. Directly before the first error is the line

 :info:build cc1plus: error: /usr/lib/libIOKit.dylib: not a directory

 My first thought was that I was in deep trouble...what happened to
 '''libIOKit.dylib'''??!!  ''Why is this machine even running?''  Heart in
 throat, I determined that, indeed, '''libIOKit.dylib''' was in
 '''/usr/lib'''.  I re-read the log's error lines  more carefully and was
 struck by the words '''"''not a directory''"'''. Well, of course not....

 I decided that I was taunting fortune attempting an upgrade to a new
 ''major'' version while still on a PPC.  So back to vtk5.

 Out of curiousity, I read the port files for both versions and found the

 if {${os.major} <= 10} {
      configure.args-append \

 in vtk5's Portfile. I edited vtk's (@6.1.0) Portfile, restarted the build
 and went to bed.  This morning, a pleasant surprise--vtk had built!
 (I really wasn't expecting this to work, and I give full credit to the
 author(s) of vtk5's portfile.)

 Do note, that I have not tested vtk yet, but I suppose this is a step

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