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#46894: clang-3.7 @3.7-r229298_0+analyzer+assertions no binaries available for
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  missing                            |  llvm-3.5 llvm-3.7 and more
 Dear all,

 I was doing an upgrade of my ports this morning (Mac OS X Mavericks)
 forcing the installation of binary packages only (port -pub upgrade
 outdated). From time to time, I obviously encounter failures because of
 missing binary packages, but before mac ports start compiling, I want to
 know which ports are going to be compiled, because some of them might take
 hours to build (e.g., clang-3.7 and libgcc).
 This time, however, all the ports failed to find a pre-compiled binary
 package (so the title of my post is not entirely correct, as it refers to
 clang-3.7 only).
 So I had a closer look at the upgrade for clang-3.7. I was upgrading from
 3.7-r226372_0+analyzer+assertions (which was installed through binaries,
 not built) to 3.7-r229298_0+analyzer+assertions. Macports failed to fetch
 the binaries, so I had a look into http://packages.macports.org/clang-3.7
 and I noticed that there exists binary packages for darwin12 and for
 darwin14, but not for darwin13 (the ones that I need). The same problem
 holds for llvm-3.3, llvm-3.5, llvm-3.7, and many more ports.
 I tried to have a look at the buildbot page as well, but I didn't get any
 useful information.
 Could you guys try to help me understanding what happened, or what's

 Thank you in advance

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