[MacPorts] #46879: command execution failed when reinstalling octave with gl2ps

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#46879: command execution failed when reinstalling octave with gl2ps
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 Component:  ports         |    Version:  2.3.3
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Comment (by michaelld@…):

 Octave auto-detects for Carbon unless we tell it not to (--without-
 framework-carbon), which we don't; we let it decide which way to go. I
 don't know if Carbon is provided in 10.9+; it is in 10.8-. But, that does
 not seem to be the issue: I run 10.8 and my install works with respect to
 this issue, but another 10.8 install does not work. I don't have enough
 data to figure out what's going on; hence the request for build files
 using "use_parallel_build=no" ...

 Thus, as a follow-up, can folks with this issue try the following:
 sudo port clean octave
 sudo port selfupdate
 sudo port -f uninstall `port installed gl2ps | sed -e 1d -e
 sudo port -f uninstall `port installed "fltk*" | sed -e 1d -e
 sudo port -s install gl2ps
 sudo port -s install fltk[-devel]
 sudo port -s install octave use_parallel_build=no
 where the [-devel] is optional, and see if that works? If not, then attach
 the "use_parallel_build=no" debug log for octave to this ticket.

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