[MacPorts] #46894: clang-3.7 @3.7-r229298_0+analyzer+assertions no binaries available for Mavericks

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Thu Feb 19 02:04:00 PST 2015

#46894: clang-3.7 @3.7-r229298_0+analyzer+assertions no binaries available for
  Reporter:  michele.segata@…                    |      Owner:  macports-
      Type:  defect                              |  tickets@…
  Priority:  Normal                              |     Status:  new
 Component:  ports                               |  Milestone:
Resolution:                                      |    Version:  2.3.3
      Port:  clang-3.7 llvm-3.3 llvm-3.5         |   Keywords:  mavericks
  llvm-3.7                                       |

Comment (by ryandesign@…):

 Replying to [comment:5 ryandesign@…]:
 > I have started [https://build.macports.org/builders/buildports-
 mavericks-x86_64/builds/10935 Mavericks build 10935] to build these ports.
 Assuming it works correctly, it will take many hours or even a day or more
 to complete. After it finishes, any available binaries will be
 automatically uploaded to the packages server.

 This build finished. Here is the part of the log showing the packages that
 got uploaded: https://build.macports.org/builders/buildports-mavericks-

 Is there anything else I need to do to resolve this ticket?

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